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The Honourable Schoolboy
John le Carré
Once Bitten - Stephen Leather A well-paced, interesting read

I heard that Leather’s writing style is like Ken Follett’s, but if Once Bitten is anything to judge by, it’s not. Not at all. However, this was my first venture into his work, so perhaps whoever said that wasn’t completely off the mark. I reserve judgment.

The characterization was good. Although the book is one of innumerable vampire tales, the occult story line served as more of a backdrop for the plot, which involves LAPD psychologist Jamie Beaverbrook’s discovering that vampires exist and that he’s fallen in love with one of the ageless creatures, all in relation to his fear of aging.

The book had some problems with grammar and word use, which can yank me out of a story and make it difficult to like. There weren’t so many that it became too horrendous, though: improper subjunctive construction throughout, “hone” instead of “home,” etc. It didn’t keep me from enjoying the book.