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The Honourable Schoolboy
John le Carré

Banana Man

Banana Man - Christian Blake Banana Man is Danny Zuco’s favorite comic book. Unfortunately, the one store in town that sells it stocks only three copies—and Danny’s school chums collect it too. In a race against time, the weather, an interfering cop, and a mean dog, Danny must try to earn the dollar he needs to buy the comic book and then get to the store before his friends can snap up every copy.

Banana Man was a fun read, and Blake kept the suspense going throughout the story. The ending was surprising, and I found it rather abrupt, but perhaps the book was the better for it.

Although this was children’s literature, there was language in it that was inappropriate for the age range (“God damn,” “son of a bitch”), and there was a violent scene that included a man beating a dog and threatening his son (“I swear to God I’ll knock your teeth out.”).

The book needs a good editing because it had many grammatical and typographical errors, such as “sealed shut [a tautology],” “to keep them sold-out [sold out],” “under the metal framed breezeway” [metal-framed],” “and it was bad news . [space before period],” and “well being [well-being].” Otherwise, it was an enjoyable book.